The following scholarships are part of St. Mary’s Convent Inter College Scholarship Fund, the interest of which is utilized for the Education of the needy students of this school.

  • Nirmala Biswas Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 1000/- instituted by Mr. Kenneth Biswas in 1982.
  • Vandita Chauhan Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- instituted by Mr. V.K. Chauhan in 1994.
  • Navinanshu Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/- instituted by Mr. B. Rai in 1999.
  • Lifsy Fransis Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 8,000/- instituted by Class 12-A of 2001-2002.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- instituted by Alka Agarwal Ex-student.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 1,000/- instituted by Mr. Ajit Gupta –Parent.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/- instituted by Mr. R. Pathak -Parent.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 1,100/- instituted by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra -Parent.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 4,000/- instituted by the Students of 12 – A,B & C 2011-12 batch.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 22,134/- instituted by Ex- Students of 1986 batch.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 25,000/- instituted by a well wisher.
  • Bimal Kumar Neogy Memorial Scholarship of 12,000/- instituted by Mrs. Rumela Neogy.
  • Dr. Abhilasha Srivastava Dayal Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 7500/-instituted by Mr.Anupam Dayal.

N.B. - Parents, Ex-Students and Well wishers are invited to establish Memorial Scholarship thus perpetuating the memory of a cherished one while helping in the education of someone who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy the kind of education their loved ones are having.

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