Profile of A SMC Student

A SMC’s Graduate is

  • Spiritually Oriented, when she
    listens and follows the voice of conscience.
    accepts the common Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Mankind and respects all living things.
    has the basic knowledge of her own religion and knowledge of and respect for all the religions.
    has a personal experience of God through daily prayer and awareness of God through day to day experience of life.
    realises God's plan and purpose in her life and is capable of facing the realities of life with faith in God.
  • Morally Developed, when she
    has respect for human values, such as sacrifices, justice, truth etc.
    distinguishes between right and wrong.
    has the courage to stand by her convictions.
    strives to overcome falsehood, egoism, hypocrisy, dishonesty and corruption etc.
    has self-control when the situation demands strength of character.
  • Emotionally Balanced, When She
    Loves and appreciates others and accepts the same from others.
    is able to accept both success and failure in right spirit.
    has the ability to adjust effectively to the physical and emotional changes through different stages in life
    accepts and respects her own person, and has the capacity to relate maturely to members of the complimentary sex.
    is capable of balancing her reason and feelings (head and heart)
  • Intellectually Well-developed, when she
    has the capacity for critical thinking and logical reasoning in different situations and is able to draw objective conclusions.
    has the ability and interest to gain knowledge and to make good use of it.
    has the ability to communicate effectively and intelligently.
    has the ability to develop skills and techniques for self- improvement and for the improvement of society.
    is able to understand and appreciate the Indian Cultural Heritage and that of other nations.
  • Socially Aware, when she
    is sensitive to social realities / problems and is courageous to face them.
    respects the dignity of work and has a well-developed civic sense.
    renders effective social service in any capacity.
    aspires towards and works for socially-oriented careers.
  • Able to Lead, when she
    is a person of principles and firm convictions.
    is able to initiate, organize and motivate the group.
    is polite, courteous and flexible enough to respect others views and suggestions.
    is ready to take and accept responsibility.
    puts service before self.

It must be recognized that the influence of the school on a student's growth is limited. Other influences such as family, friends, the youth culture, and the general environment in which she lives also affect the student's growth. In so far as the school can intentionally bring its resources to bear on fostering the student's growth in the direction of this profile, it will do so.

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