The following scholarships are part of St. Mary’s Convent Inter College Scholarship Fund, the interest of which is utilized for the Education of the needy students of this school
  1. Nirmala Biswas Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 1000/- instituted by Mr. Kenneth Biswas in 1982.

  2. Vandita Chauhan Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- instituted by Mr. V.K. Chauhan in 1994.

  3. Navinanshu Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/- instituted by Mr. B. Rai in 1999.

  4. Lifsy Fransis Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 8,000/- instituted by Class 12-A of 2001-2002.

  5. Scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- instituted by Alka Agarwal Ex-student.

  6. Scholarship of Rs. 1,000/- instituted by Mr. Ajit Gupta –Parent.

  7. Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/- instituted by Mr. R. Pathak -Parent.

  8. Scholarship of Rs. 1,100/- instituted by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra -Parent.

  9. Scholarship of Rs. 4,000/- instituted by the Students of 12 – A,B & C 2011-12 batch.

  10. Scholarship of Rs. 22,134/- instituted by Ex- Students of 1986 batch.

  11. Scholarship of Rs. 25,000/- instituted by a well wisher.

  12. Bimal Kumar Neogy Memorial Scholarship of 12,000/- instituted by Mrs. Rumela Neogy.

  13. Dr. Abhilasha Srivastava Dayal Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 7500/-instituted by Mr.Anupam Dayal.

N.B. - Parents, Ex-Students and Well wishers are invited to establish Memorial Scholarship thus perpetuating the memory of a cherished one while helping in the education of someone who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy the kind of education their loved ones are having.